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20 Words To Remove From Your Vocabulary

20-Words-to-Remove-From-Your-Vocabulary1. Hope- contains doubt. Means you don’t expect it to happen. 

2. When I retire- victim mentality. Take charge of your life today, do what you love now, there are no victims here.

3. Maybe- if it’s not hell yes, then it’s hell no!

4. I can’t afford- victim mentality that brings down your vibration and keeps you from getting what it is that you want.

5. Hard- another victim statement. Nothing is hard, you just have to find a new way to get it done.

6. Need- this comes from lack consciousness.

7. Luck- takes you out of the equation instead of you taking ownership.

8. Problem- there are no problems only solutions.

9. Stress- you only experience stress when you are not living on purpose. 

10. Try- no such thing as try, you either do it or you don’t.

11. But- this negates everything that was said up to this point, is low vibrational and takes away your power.
12. Should- just delete this word. Either do it or don’t; this word has guilt and self abuse all over it.

13. Can’t- you can do anything that you want. This is a victim word. just banish it.

14. Some day/One day- oy, procrastination, victim consciousness!

15. Never/Always- Untrue. Let it go.

16. If- oy, let this one go too. Yes or no. There is no if.

17. Don’t get me wrong- you’re about to insult someone. Don’t go there. Karma’s a bitch.

18. You know what I mean- no I don’t because you don’t even know what you mean. 

19. Um- drains brain cells. You don’t need this word. Just pause. Silence is golden.

20. In my Opinion- you are about to insult someone, something or complain, just don’t do it. 

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